Successful businesses, relationships, finances, and parenting are sourced from Emotional Intelligence

Awaken to the Power of Emotional Intelligence in just 90 Days

This Course is For You If You

Meet One of The Following:

  • You're a Business Owner or Executive Looking to Advance Your Company, Employees, or Self as High Performers with Minimal Effort and Complexity

    Emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance accounts for nearly 90 percent of what sets high performers apart from peers with similar technical skills and knowledge, as stated by Harvard Business School. 

  • You're in a Married or Committed Relationship that Feels Stagnant or Mundane, Lacking Depth, and Can Feel Tense

    Leading marriage researcher, Dr. John Gottman states, “In the strongest marriages, husband and wife share a deep sense of meaning. They don’t just ‘get along’—they also support each other’s hopes and aspirations and build a sense of purpose into their lives together. The more emotionally intelligent a couple, the better able they are to understand, honor, and respect each other in this manner.”

  • You are Single and Ready for a Long-Term Partner but it Feels Impossible to Find Someone that Meets Your Standards or You're Losing Hope From Dating the Same-Type of Person Over and Over

    Emotional intelligence as a single person can help you cut through the BS of the dating world at a much more efficient pace. It also impacts the impression you leave on others in an impressive way. Attracting the person of your dreams requires you to first become the best version of yourself. 

  • You're a Parent that Feels Overwhelmed and Drained by Your Kid(s) Behavior and Would Like for Them to Have More Willingness to Comply. You Personally Desire to Have More Patience, Understanding, and Time to Bond with Them

    The best part about joining this program as a parent is that your kids will benefit just as much (if not more) as you will! Research suggests that an emotionally intelligent parent is linked to kids that have greater success in school, stronger communication skills, better relationships, self-awareness, resilience, improved mental health, and other positive outcomes.

  • You are an Individual that Supports the Needs of Others Before Your Own, You Sometimes Feel Unappreciated or Taken Advantage of, and You're Not Great at Placing Boundaries or Speaking Up

    Overall quality of life and happiness is greatly impacted by a person's level of emotional intelligence. It helps you cultivate more confidence, effective communication, belief in yourself, compassion, and knowing your worth.

You Will Learn How To:

This Program is Level 1 of Our 2-Part Emotional Intelligence Mastery Program

  • Cultivate Subtle Body & Mind Awareness

    Everyone has innate intelligence that exists in the human body. You will learn to hear that communication and learn to use it in ways that can radically change your life. 

  • Navigate Challenges Gracefully And Get Less Triggered By Others

    You will become more attuned to the behavior, intentions, and emotions of others which creates more compassion and empathy while lessening personal triggers allowing you to operate from your best self.

  • Understand The Science of Self-Worth And Increase Your Value

    Learn to create boundaries, ask for your needs, and value your own well being in a way that doesn't sacrifice your level of taking care of your responsibilities. 

  • Communicate Effectively With Confidence

    Harnessing emotional intelligence allows you to have more clarity with yourself and others. This clarity is the groundwork for doubtless, effective communication.

  • Create Richer Relationships In Love, Family, Or Business

    Deepen your connection and bond to the people that matter to you most to create more ease, joy, and fulfillment in those relationships without feeling like you're adding more "hard work" to your plate.

  • Goal Set Effectively With An Entirely New Approach To Acheivement

    Learn to accomplish and achieve more by flowing with the innate intelligence of your body and the awakened consciousness field. This allows for less effort to create more in an easeful way. 

This Program Includes:

  • Six 90-minute live online trainings with Guy & Ilan Ferdman, held every other week.

  • Six private one-on-one coaching sessions with a Satori Prime Coach, held on opposite weeks of live trainings

  • Three emergent awareness group experiences, to accelerate personal grounding, safety, and healing

  • Includes one ticket to our Live 2-Day Online Intensive Program: The Intuitive Mind Experience

  • Easy financing & flexible payment plans are available 

Stop trying to make yourself feel better and simply get better at feeling.

We're Ilan and Guy Ferdman, Blood Brothers & Founders

36 years of combined personal development experience in various healing arts.

 Over 30 years of combined coaching experience.

 Well over 10K people successfully coached.

 Over one million dollars in personal education invested to directly experience and gain a wide array of wisdom.

Honored and privileged to serve for a living.

​Testimonials From People Who Have Worked With Us

Christine Cavaliero

Client and Community Member

"Did a call with Ilan and I was blown away. In less than 45 mins he was able to tap into what 15 therapist had failed to see. I was able to rip off a giant scab and expose stuff I wasn't able to look at in 45 years. I want more, I want to actually start living rather than existing and surviving. My soul is ready to be unstoppable."

Paul Abbott

Client and Community Member


"Just had an absolutely amazing call with Ilan. Thank you so much my friend. I sat here and bawled for about 15 minutes after LOL, but this was exactly what the little boy inside needed. I am so grateful. I love you guys.​"


"So much healing and value. I got the confidence to fulfill on my mission. I love these Gentle-men!"

Kym S.

Coach + Entrepreneur

"I feel recharged...after the first day I had massive awareness of sensations in my body -- it blew my mind!"​


Online Marketer

"Everyone should know what it's like to work with these two guys -- I had to stop because my mind was blown!"​



"We've had a massive shift after completing the masterclass. We're doing the exact same thing and our conversion rate from 60% to 90% while increasing our prices."

Dr. Joe M.

Father + Chiropractor

"I was a bit skeptical...but it was absolutely fantastic. What I got was just groundbreaking."


Mother + Career Professional

"Business has never been better...I've lost 51 pounds...I'm like woah -- look at the power I have."

Michael C.

Husband + Entrepreneur

"I wish you could see my before and after. These guys have out transformed themselves, it would be silly not to learn from someone like that. The community they have created is amazing and hearwarming."

Inna B.

Coach + Entrepreneur

"I knew coaching was the direction my life was going  -- when I found Satori Prime I was going through the most difficult period of my life. I interviewed tons of coaches and after five minutes I knew they were right for me." 

Dave G.

Father + Music Producer + Coach

"I just feel so ****ing good about myself!I had so much fear and insecurity about living before this, it felt like it wasn't okay for me to take up space before. I now value myself and know that people get to hear what I have to say. I just feel so confident and empowered!"

Diana R.

Mother + Marketer + Coach

"The masterclass was a lifting of a lot of layers I hadn't seen about myself that we're sabotaging my life."


Mother + Coach

"I had made up this story that I wasn't able to receive love. My mom ended up sharing with me something that she was planning on taking to the grave, she healed more than I did - massive!"

Matt F.

Father + Entrepreneur

"I didn't realize that I wasn't feeling fully worth of sharing myself authentically because I wouldn't be accepted that way. I now know with confidence that I can share my full self and full value that I know I have within myself to give and help others."

Matt L.

Entrepreneur + Coach

Are You Ready to Become Emotionally Intelligent?

These 90 Days Are Going to Change Everything. Let's Get Started!

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