The Academy by Satori Prime.

Gain uncommon wisdom and become your own personal development genius. Get the strategies, technology, and experience to take your life to a whole new level.

What is The Academy

The Academy is about giving access to life-changing personal development technology, making it affordable, and easily accessible to anyone who has a vision of learning how to bring forth their highest self.

Historically this type of holistic wisdom driven education has been kept from the masses and has added difficulty in people’s ability to think, feel, and act in alignment and in accordance with the goals that they have envisioned are possible for themselves.


Here are the promises we make to you:

  • You'll massively increase your self-awareness and positively affect your life

    Simple paradigm shifts will naturally occur as you begin to inquire through your life using ancient wisdom technology we've gathered for the last 18 years and updated to be used with contemporary life. You'll wonder how you ever lived life before becoming aware of these simple principles that re-shape the experience of reality itself.

  • Your relationships to people, money, and circumstances will become more effortless

    Let's face it, people can be challenging to deal with sometimes.  When we begin to understand the character and energetic dynamics between us and the world we finally see that we have a choice to transform those dynamics without working harder to achieve more.

  • Your physical, mental, and emotional self will be in alignment with your desires

    Most people are making life choices from a fight or flight response. Their nervous system is in a chronic overreactive state and therefore their choices are made from scarcity, lack and fear which creates more of the same.  Our re-engineering technology helps you make choices from a deep 'inner-knowing' so that the results you experience in life are aligned with the new energy and wisdom gained through your own first person experience.

Satori Prime is committed to changing this paradigm and making our breakthrough work available for anyone who seeks to make a positive change in the quality of their lives.  We are for people who want to recover their true self and who have a deep desire to serve others in the process.


If you have an part of life that you want to heal or even if you just feel stagnant or plateaued, than accessing a new paradigm, a new way of thinking, communicating, feeling or applying decisive quality action can dramatically help you to upgrade your life in a way that few can imagine is possible.


Instead of adding more work to your already busy life, we’re committed to showing you how to add more ease and flow.  We’re committed to paving an easier path which naturally unfolds as we release old conscious and subconscious programs indefinitely.

These programs are designed for people who want...

  • Freedom from past traumas or negative experiences that hold you back

  • Less stress, anxiousness, and overwhelm / take decisive action from your power

  • More fulfliment in your personal and romantic relationships

  • Experiencing greater self-worth even when you aren't achieving

  • More fun, play, laughter and ease every day

  • Less effort, more joy, and greater output with your work

  • Experiencing more confidence and self-expression

  • To have more alignment / speak and act from your personal truth

  • Love yourself more / be patient and graceful with yourself no matter what your circumstances are

  • Deeper spiritual connection with yourself and others

  • The ability to "let things go" / learn to forgive yourself and others no matter the circumstance

  • How to earn more without working harder / learning to receive more easily

Your membership includes these life-altering experiences.

Set your foundation and become your own inner guru.

Prime Your Productivity + Health

Deep dive into your daily habits and come out with new ways to set yourself up for success with simple daily routines that increase your learning aptitude, create a sense of inner peace, and better align your body for health. 

  • Simple techniques anyone can do to enhance their quality of life quickly.

  • Bio-hack your mind and body for daily noticable changes that are easy to set up.

  • Learn how to invest in yourself by leveraging technology to enhance your creativity and output.

Prime Your Abundance

Upgrade your relationship to wealth and money! We want more abundance in our lives, however, so few ever really experience the joy of letting it into their lives.  In this re-programming, we offer a deep look into your inner subconscious and help you master the process to let go of all attachments that are holding you back from attracting the level of wealth you deserve. 

  • Naturally upgrade your feelings and beliefs around money to discover what is holding you back from receiving abundance.

  • Align yourself to the field of wealth using simple exercises.

  • Finally discover why people struggle and never "get ahead" of the same programming their caregivers had around wealth creation and creating safety.

New Members also get these incredibly valuable bonuses.

$1,000 VALUE

Bonus One

Have a 1-on-1 Conversation With Us to Create a Plan

You've clearly raised your hand as someone who is investing both time and money into their own growth.  Congrats, we want to honor you for doing so.

  • Get 40 minutes of one-on-one coaching directly from Guy or Ilan Ferdman.  You'll be amazed at just how much growth you can get from this short call. Many lives have been changed just in this amount of time.

  • Usually we charge $2,000 for an hour of our time, we'll include this call because you've shown to be someone who invests in themselves so we want to invest in you!

  • Create a simple plan for what comes next on your personal growth journey so you have clarity and direction on what's next.

$1,500 VALUE

Bonus Two

Prime Your Abundance Live 

The live coaching is a very powerful supplemental training as a bolt on to the Prime Your Abundance program.  We invested 2 months working exclusively with 30 people directly on their financial, wealth, and abundance blockages.  You get immediate access to this exclusive recorded live training modules.  


This is a FREE bonus for new members as a thank you for entrusting us as your guides to greater wealth and abudnance!

  • We're releasing this closed door training to the public for the first time.

  • Be a fly on the wall as we work with clients of our community and learn why they invested $1,500 each to participate in this advanced coaching with us. 

  • 8 hours of live footage will change your perspective on money forever.

$697 VALUE

Bonus Three

Mindset Immersion Live

Our Have It All Live is a two day immersion event that has created significant shifts in a dramatically short period of time for it's participants.  And since not everyone can fly in to beautiful locations like San Diego to participate, we're releasing this 'never before seen' footage to the public.

  • 16 hours of edge of your sear, you simply won't believe your eyes type coaching.

  • Get an inner glimpse to your deep programs and overcome even the most difficult circumstances.

  • Listen to the deep vulnerable shares of other growth seekers to help you get in discover and understand your own system constitution.

These life altering programs and the bonuses below can be yours instantly. 

Begin healing relationships, stop working so hard for so little, upgrade your health and find the peace and well-being you've been looking for.

Get All This Incredible Goodness

Get instant access to three life changing programs, PLUS the two bonus programs, PLUS get on a 40-minute complimentary coaching call with founders Guy and Ilan Ferdman to help put your personal transformation in hyper-speed.


Psst....Your life is about to get the ultimate make-over!


Payment Plans Available

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Our Customer Journeys Are Epic Adventures..

...Here are some of their stories.

Completely and utterly changed my life!

"I feel like everyone should do this...I didn't expect this. It's worth any amount of money!"


"My husband and I have gone over the hump. We've gone past the things that used to set us off. I feel free!"


"My husband said, I don't know what you've been doing, but keep doing it! Financial things have been coming, we didn't even expect it!"


"Look at what I attracted into my life, there's no chance that happens by accident. I was crying ."


"It's an awesome crazy journey.  I thought I was going to be homeless.  This is the greatest dance ever!"


"We've been making strides in our business that I didn't think possible. We we're getting cheap leads and winning company contests!"


Get All This Incredible Goodness Today! 

Get instant access to three life changing programs, PLUS the two bonus programs, PLUS get on a 40-minute complimentary coaching call with founders Guy and Ilan Ferdman to help put your personal transformation in hyper-speed.


Psst....Your life is about to get the ultimate make-over!


Payment Plans Available

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

"Best Decision I've Made All Year"!

Linda Blyth

Massive shifts happening, I can hardly believe it!

Gabrielle Senza

This feels so significant! I have been trying to bring love and acceptance to this part of me. WOW!

Lisa Edwards

Tricia Renshaw

I gifted #TheCollective to my partner as a present, the value is far beyond what I invested!

Uniqua Hardy

I'm happy I get to see this now and peel off another layer before it has a chance of getting louder.  Thanks for another greater call!

I feel much better connected to some really deeply ingrained resistances and I'm being kinder and more caring as a result.

Derek Kirkup

Boom! Something really clicked into place there! If you haven't already missed the chance, get on these training calls.

Linda Blyth

Bundle and save.

Your investment comes with a lifetime money back guarantee. You either get value or you get your money back.

Join The Academy Today! 

  • Prime Your Productivity

  • Prime Your Abundance

  • Prime Your Abundance+

  • 1:ON:1 Coaching Call

  • Mindset Immersion Recordings


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Obviously, if you don’t work this course, then this course won’t work for you! So apply what you learn and you’ll see dramatic results in the areas of your life that you care most about.  Your openness and coachability are two key factors in the success of what we’ll expose you to here and the opportunity that these breakthrough methodologies potentially have on the direction of your life.


It’s taken us 17+ years to not just understand, but to also fully embody these lessons in order for us to teach you from a place of integrity, personal experience, mastery of study, and proven results with thousands of students worldwide.


Having said that, if for any reason feel that these programs did not exceed your expectations you are more then welcome to ask for a full refund and we’ll happily comply.  Your results are our #1 goal and we believe that our programs over-deliver value in every possible way. As the cliche goes what you put in is what you get out, this is as true here as anywhere else.


While we can show you the door, we can’t make you walk through.  We believe a great teacher shows you where to look, and does not tell you what to see.  We aim to provide a lot of insight and the choice to take action on any area of life that is important to you is always yours.

Guy & Ilan Ferdman

Founders, Satori Prime

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